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Auto Repair Shop in Beaver Falls, PA

You love the style and durability of your Japanese or Korean car. But even the most well-made car requires regular maintenance and the occasional repair. If you are looking for a quality auto repair shop in the Beaver Falls, PA, area, Wolfe's Foreign Auto has the expertise you need to take care of your foreign-made car.

We Offer Auto Maintenance and Repairs

Even if your vehicle is currently running smoothly, a yearly inspection from Wolfe’s Foreign Auto can help ensure that no problems are developing. If we do discover any issues, we can promptly repair them before they have a chance to cause significant damage to your vehicle. Keep your vehicle in top-notch shape, and schedule an appointment with us today.

Whatever type of maintenance or repairs your car needs, we can help. We have a large inventory of car parts onsite to make the repair process quicker. If we don’t have the part that your car needs, we can usually order it that same day so that you don’t have to wait long to get back on the road. Whether your vehicle needs new brakes or a new timing belt, we will get it replaced as quickly as possible.
Japanese and Korean — Japanese Auto Repair Shop in New Brighton, PA
Car Repair Shop — Japanese Auto Repair Shop in New Brighton, PA

We Specialize in Japanese- and Korean-Made Cars

Car Repair Shop — Japanese Auto Repair Shop in New Brighton, PA
For over 40 years, our auto repair shop has been offering its services to the residents of the Beaver Falls, PA, area. We specialize in foreign-made cars, including Lexus, Mazda, Acura, and Toyota. If you own a Japanese- or Korean-made vehicle, you can trust us to know exactly how it’s put together and how to best care for it.
We are located in Brighton, PA, and we offer our services to all the surrounding towns, including Beaver Falls, PA. If you live in one of these areas and need maintenance or repair services for your vehicle, give us a call today at (724) 843-6645 to schedule your appointment. You can also reach us via our online form.